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Therapïau Celfyddydau. Grwpiau Cymunedol. Gigiau. Digwyddiadau. Partïoedd i Blant. Dawnsio. Celfyddydau a Mwy!

What is... 

Ocean Arts Cardiff is a multi-purpose arts centre based near Cardiff Bay, Wales, offering music therapy and an intimate venue available to hire for events, meetings, rehearsals, classes/ courses, gigs and memorable community experiences.

Mae Celfyddydau Cefnfor Caerdydd yn ganolfan gelfyddydau aml-bwrpas ym Mae Caerdydd , Cymru, sydd yn cynnig therapi gerddoriaeth a lleoliad agos ar gael i’w llogi ar gyfer digwyddiadau, gigiau a phrofiadau cymunedol cofiadwy.

It is with incredible sadness (and many more emotions) that I write this.

Our landlords at Ocean Arts Cardiff have recently requested a substantial rent increase. Sadly, there is no way on earth I meet the demands and have therfore accepted a notice period given to me.

I will be closing the doors of Ocean Arts at the end of October so we have time to sort everything out there after before leaving the building.

I can not really put into words how much I need to thank everyone involved. From those of you who have been there for the start, helped me with business advice, been there through thick and thin, customers who have had wonderful times there, bands who have become regualrs and friends, customers who have come down to support the business, to all our clients and residents.

I really hope if you are reading this you know who you are and I am so incredibly grateful to you all.


It is not possible to tag everyone, but I have to say thank you to my father (Robert David Greenwell and late mother Marguerite Greenwell as without them I would not have been able to start out).

I have such special and incredible memories of events over the years which I wont bore you with here, but I am sure I will be talking your ear off when I see you next.

Finally I am asking for your help.

I will aim to put on two or three events between now and then as my ladlord is giving me no lenience in terms of breaking everything down and still paying rent, so we need to try and go out with a bang (plus I would love to see all of your lovely faces at OA a few last times!!)

After we shut our doors there will be lots of stuff that needs rehoming, selling or breaking down so I may be putting out a call to arms if anyone is up for the challenge! (It feels almost imposinble to do on my own).

So there you have it. Over and out from me and truely the end of a very special chapter.

Thank you again.

Coming Up! 

Keep your eye out for events coming up in 2023

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"We held a party there for my 35th and everyone had a wonderful time. The atmosphere was warm and Sally couldn't be more helpful with our requests.  There is lots of parking during the evenings and weekends and we had a guest in a wheelchair who found the space fully accessible. We loved watching everyone's faces when they walked in from the industrial estate outside as the space is like a giant living room in a warehouse!  Would really recommend"

— Laura, March 2022

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Open Hours/ Oriau Agor

Monday-Sunday: 9am-10pm*

Dydd Llun-Dydd Sul: 9yb-10yh

*Open hours and when staff are available vary depending on what's on.

Unless you are coming for an event or pre arranged rehearsal, please book to view in advance to avoid disappointment. Thank you. 



Unit 2 East Moors Industrial Estate,

East Moors Rd (Off Ocean Way),


CF24 5JX


There is a ramp entrance into Ocean arts, and all events are held on entry floor making the venue accessible throughout.


There are two toilets and the one downstairs is accessible and spacious making it suitable for parents changing children or wheelchairs.


Management and staff actually specialise I’m working with additional needs in various fields, so are very welcoming, understanding and accommodating of everyone’s needs. If they can help they will.

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