Resident artists at Ocean arts

Michelle -


"Hi! I’m Michelle aka ArtyShell, and I’m on a journey of rediscovery, picking up a paint brush after 20+ years. I’m a self taught local artist and mainly paint with acrylics . My work is experimental, bold, with a theme of umbrellas! So grateful for all the support and turning the can’ts into cans!"




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Bryony -


Bryony Fenton is a local Fine artist from cardiff. Her more recent commissions have included wedding portraiture, portraits of loved ones and a whole collection of landscapes from around the world. If you would be interested in viewing work or enquiring about a commission she can be contacted via...

Facebook: or



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Harvey -


Harvey Gardner is an emerging fine artist who enjoys working with oils and watercolour. His work predominantly revolves around surrealism, symbolism and realism. He is soon to be setting up a website and is taking commissions in the mean time.

Website: Coming soon.....

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