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Founder and Music Therapist

"Hi everyone! My name is Sally and I'm the founder of Ocean Arts Cardiff!

Having always been a musician, I did a degree in music at the Birmingham Conservatoire. For a short time I then worked with children with challenging behaviour and became interested in psychology in music.  This lead me to doing a masters degree in Music Therapy at the RWCMD. At the same time, I was also organising a lot of events. So with Ocean Arts Cardiff  I really wanted a place for the arts and the community to come together."



All Sorts

"Hi, I'm Lucy and I work at Ocean Arts helping with anything and everything. This includes:

  • Administration,

  • Marketing/ Website

  • DIY,

  • Organising Events,

  • Designing some of the posters/flyers,

  • Bar Work

  • Catering for Events

  • ...and more!"


Owner of The Pedal Emporium

"Hello! I'm Carolyn and I'm the owner of The Pedal Emporium.

Alongside running my own business, I spent many hours helping to do all the building work at Ocean Arts Cardiff.

My Pedal Emporium work takes me all over the country, but my pedal powered inventions are going to go hand in hand with any family events at Ocean Arts Cardiff."

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